15th October 2019

Understanding the value of protection

Working out the difference between life insurance, critical illness, income protection and buildings and contents insurance can be difficult, especially when they are wrapped up in the blanket term ‘protection’.

While it’s easy to presume there is an overlap and that an individual policy for each one isn’t necessary, they do all play their part in providing you with adequate cover should something unexpected happen.

It’s not all about you!

Think about protection insurance as something that safeguards everything that is important in your world: your health, your life, your job and your home. If you have a partner, children or other relatives who depend on you, think about them too.

And don’t let the jargon put you off. Understanding what is available and choosing the right amount of cover for you and your family is important. Working with us will help you find protection which is affordable and understand the value of each type of insurance, so you are reassured that you are selecting the correct policies to secure your financial future.