15th December 2017

For many people, enjoying music is an important part of their lives. Owning a musical instrument or other related equipment like DJ gear can be a significant investment. Theft, loss or damage can often be a musician’s worst nightmare.

Whatever type of musical instrument you own, from a grand piano to a classic electric guitar, it’s important to have it properly insured.

Whilst many household insurance policies cover valuable items up to £1,500, this may not be sufficient to cover your instrument, or insure against the specific risks that you might want to include, like replacement hire if your instrument was lost or stolen, or public liability insurance if you’re asked to play in public.

There are many specialised insurance policies on offer that protect against a range of potential risks, and offer features like unlimited professional use, theft, fire and accidental damage, damage in transit, cover for accessories and depreciation after repair. You can also get cover for theft from an unattended vehicle, and combined personal accident and public liability.

If you’d like advice about the right policy, do get in touch.