Life insurance for astronauts?

21st May 2020

The first astronauts had a problem, especially in the early days of the Apollo missions to the moon, as their lives were literally uninsurable. No insurance companies would consider insuring anyone about to embark on a potentially lethal mission.

NASA came up with an idea to arrange ‘insurance covers’ whereby the crew autographed a number of postal envelopes, as close to launch as possible, the assumption being that these would soar in value if the crew died on the mission, leaving sufficient funds to take care of their families.

Protection for everyone

Fortunately, it’s much easier for the average person to obtain protection insurance these days, it’s important to have everyday risks covered.

Once in a blue moon?

It can be difficult to think that the worst might happen, but it’s best to be financially prepared for illness or death, to give you and your family valuable peace of mind.